About Broadway Baptist Church

In March of 1924, Juniper Springs Baptist Church on Buckhorn Road in Broadway, NC.  It was at that time a vote was held and agreed upon to change the name to Broadway Baptist Church.  They moved to the new structure later in 1924.  The church went about serving the Lord until a tragedy occurred in August 1933.  The church was completely destroyed by fire. They church met the following Sunday under an oak tree near the ruins and pledged to move forward. It was a slow going process, as the church paid for the rebuilding as they went.  The church was originally in a field of four churches which included Holly Springs, Swans Station, & Baptist Chapel. Finally in 1977, Broadway Baptist Church became a full-time church.  The first parsonage was built in 1953 by the church members. Our present parsonage was built in 1975. In 1957, classrooms were added to the church and a steeple and vestibule were added on 1960. In 1969, the sanctuary was completely renovated and a baptistry was added. A new fellowship hall was added in 2001.

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